kenny a. estrella

freelance illustrator


hi everyone


Welcome and thank you for visiting my website, I'm Kenny by the way. I'm an aspiring self-taught individual who likes illustration, design and coding. I’m a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science graduate in Negros Oriental State University. I have 3 things that I usually do and it’s been a while I’ve been using them to make a living, may it be full-time job or freelance, they actually work. As of the moment, I want to do illustrations as part time and hobby.


In order for the project to be successfully finished with the best results, we need to discuss first the things we need to consider. Such things would be instructions written properly with clear details, references like images and sources which we can use as base for starting the project, and a desired timeline for the project. While the project is in progress, good communication is needed to help discuss revisions and additional elements which can help improve the overall final result of the project.